Installing and Configuring Oracle WebCenter Content 11gR1

Installing and Configuring Oracle WebCenter Content 11gR1 (formerly Enterprise Content Management)

Oracle WebCenter Content, an Oracle Fusion Middleware component, is an integrated suite of products designed for managing content.

The process of installing and configuring Oracle WebCenter Content includes these high-level tasks:

  1. Preparing your system environment for installation
  2. Creating schemas for applications
  3. Installing an Application Server and Oracle Fusion Middleware
  4. Installing Oracle WebCenter Content
  5. Configuring Oracle WebCenter Content
  6. Installing and configuring an external LDAP-based identity store
  7. Performing Postinstallation Configuration
  8. Verifying the Configuration

Before performing any installation, you should read the system requirements and certification documents to ensure that your environment meets the minimum installation requirements(available on OTN) for the products you are installing.

  1. Install RHEL5.5 64-bit OS, configure Kernel parameters and install required RPMs for this installation on DB and App nodes.
  2. Install Oracle Database software 64-bit and create a database
  3. Install WebCenter Schema using RCU utility on the database created as in step 2
  4. Install Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6 Generic
  5. Install Oracle WebCenter Content
  6. Preparing to Configure Oracle WebCenter Content Applications

After you have successfully run the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Oracle WebCenter Content Installer and created application schemas, you can deploy and configure the following Oracle WebCenter Content products as applications:

  • Oracle WebCenter Content (which includes Oracle WebCenter Content Server)
  • Oracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery
  • Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging
  • Oracle Information Rights Management
  • Oracle WebCenter Content: Records

Complete documentation is available on Oracle site here


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