MO Operating Unit

Multiple Organizations (Multi-Org)

In Oracle Applications R12, Multiple Organizations Access Control (MOAC) has made significant enhancements to the Release 11i Multiple Organizations architecture. If your company has implemented a Shared Services operating model, Multi-Org Access Control allows you to process business transactions more efficiently. You can access, process, and report on data across multiple operating units from a single responsibility without compromising data security or system performance.

Multi-Org Security Profile

The Multi-Org Security Profile allows you to access, process, and report on data for an unlimited number of operating units from a single applications responsibility. To take advantage of Multi-Org Access Control, you should set the following profile options:

  • MO: Security Profile: Assign your Security Profile to this profile option for each application responsibility to allow that responsibility to access multiple operating units.
  • MO: Default Operating Unit: If the MO: Security Profile is set, then you can assign a default operating unit for defaulting purposes.

The Release 11i MO: Operating Unit profile option setting is preserved, and applies if MO: Security Profile is not set.

Enhanced Cross-organization Reporting

Cross-organization reporting has been enhanced to be more consistent with the new Multi-Org Access Control. You can run reports across multiple operating units that belong to a user’s security profile that share the same ledger. You can also run reports for any operating unit that belongs to a user’s security profile.

Setting Up Operating Units

Setting up operating units is more streamlined with the integration with Accounting Setup Manager, a new feature in General Ledger that centralizes the setup and maintenance of common financial components, such as legal entities, operating units, and ledgers within an accounting setup.

All Release 11i HR Organizations classified as Operating Units are preserved during the upgrade. If operating units are assigned to a set of books, they are associated to a primary ledger in an accounting setup. You can now view all operating units assigned to an upgraded primary ledger using Accounting Setup Manager.


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