LOK files in WebLogic Server 11g

LOK files in WebLogic Server 11g

They are config.lok, EmbeddedLDAP.lok and XXXserver.lok files which are used by the admin server and managed server. Another lock file named edit.lok is used for the admin server only.

config.lok: The config.lok file is just used for getting a file lock on the config.xml file, in order to ensure that config file updates run serially. It will not cause any problems if it exists in the directory.

edit.lok: The edit lock is used to ensure that only one user at a time is editing the configuration. The edit lock is only used on the Admin server.

EmbeddedLDAP.lok: This file locks access to the embedded LDAP server, in order to ensure that only a single process has access to this directory server. if two processes write to the same directory server, the directory server will have a problem.

XXXServer.lok: The [server name].lok indicates that the server with name [server name] is running. This is used to prevent a server from being booted twice. If you are sure that this server process is shut down, you can delete it.


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