ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 11, block # 281188)
ORA-01110: data file 11: ‘+DATA1/testdb/datafile/test01.dbf’

Find the file ID(s) and block ID(s) that are affected using DB verify:

dbv FILE=<datafile with full path> USERID=system/<password>

Find the database object(s) that are affected using the below SQL statement:

select segment_name, segment_type, owner
from dba_extents
where file_id = &abs_file_num
and &corrupt_block_num between block_id
and block_id + blocks -1;

Rebuild table, using :

(a)  export table, truncate, import table contents
(b) ¬† create a temporary table as ‘select * from TREND_FILESTAT’, verify contents,
truncate original, populate original from temporary table