“Error 404–Not Found” While Accessing OSB Console Through URL http://hostname:port/osbconsole

While accessing Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Console through the URL http://<hostname&gt;:<osb-port>/osbconsole as mentioned in the OSB Installation Guide, browser returns “Error 404–Not Found”.

This applies to Oracle Service Bus – Version: and later  (any platform)

This is a documentation Bug 9797009. OSB Console can be accessed through URL http://<admin server host>:<admin-port>/sbconsole


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7 Responses to “Error 404–Not Found” While Accessing OSB Console Through URL http://hostname:port/osbconsole

  1. saumajit says:

    if you have any manageserver where you deployed the osb domain applications during the domain creation, then start them and try http://:/sbconsole

  2. Swapnanil says:

    Thank you very much for saving my time.


  3. bobmol says:

    The document also confuse customers. Customer mentioned they installed OSB
    on managed server which is running on different port. As per the
    documentation, osbconsole/sbconsole will be available on osb-port which is
    incorrect. sbconsole is available only in admin port (default 7001).

  4. Srini says:

    Problem: ‘Error 404–Not Found’ page displayed when you try ‘http://localhost:7001/sbconsole/’
    Answer : I found this answer after 2 days hard struggle. Hope, it will help you for sure.
    After installing Weblogic Server – install OSB – after that you have to create domain.
    Here main thing is, when you are creating domain by cliking ‘configuration wizard’ one window will be opened named ‘Select Domain Source’ -> under that there will be radio button starts with
    ‘Generate a domain configured automatically….’ -> under that make suer that the option named ‘ Oracle Service Bus Extension – Single Server Domain Topology…’ -> when you click on that you will get three options automatically enabled instead if you get any error with dialogue box’ then you have to run ‘configuration wizard’ from ‘weblogic server’ but not from ‘oracle service bus’ ( just to inform you in window strat button->all programs->there will be two configuration wizards, once is under ‘weblogic server’ and another one is under ‘oracle service bus’ if the one under OSB is not working then use the one under ‘weblogic server’ to create domain).

  5. Anu says:

    Thanks for the solution..It worked!!

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