How to Delete a Weblogic Server (WLS) Domain

If you want to delete a WLS domain , all you need to do is remove the domain directory FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/<domainDirectory> or <DomainDirectory>.

There is no special tool or script required to delete a domain. A domain is nothing but a configuration in WebLogic Server, not an installation. So for deleting a domain, uninstall packages are not needed. All the information related to the domain will be maintained within the domain itself. So when you remove the domain root folder, all the details of the domain are completely cleaned up. You can simply comment it.

Also you need edit the “” file under WL_HOME/common/nodemanager to remove domain information from that file .

The file specifies the domains that a Node Manager instance controls, and  should contain an entry specifying the domain directory for each domain the Node Manager instance controls, in this form:


Take backup of the “” file before editing it
Delete the entry within domain-registry.xml file that reside under FMW_HOME.

Take backup of the xml file before editing it.


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