fails during 11gR2 Grid infrastructure installation

Whenever the script fails for the first time, do not run it again. Do the following steps and clusterware will be healthy up and running.

It happened that failed, when I did 11gR2 Rac Cluster set up on Sun Solaris and Enterprise Linux boxes. I could find the errors recorded in the logs.

Deconfigure and Reconfigure of Grid Infrastructure Cluster:

Identify cause of failure by reviewing logs in $GRID_HOME/cfgtoollogs/crsconfig and $GRID_HOME/log, once cause is identified, deconfigure and reconfigure with steps below – please keep in mind that you will need wait till each step finishes successfully before move to next one:

For Step1 and 2, you can skip node(s) on which you didn’t execute yet.

Step 1: As root, run “$GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -verbose -deconfig -force” on all nodes, except the last one.

Step 2: As root, run “$GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -verbose -deconfig -force -lastnode” on last node. This command will zero out OCR and VD disk also.

Step 3: As root, run $GRID_HOME/ on first node

Step 4: As root, run $GRID_HOME/ on all other node(s), except last one.

Step 5: As root, run $GRID_HOME/ on last node.

Eevrything is working now.

Reference : ID 942166.1

  1. Deinstall of Grid Infrastructure Cluster
  2. Deinstall of Grid Infrastructure Standalone Server
  3. Deconfigure and Reconfigure of Standalone Server (Oracle Restart)

If there is a firewall between the nodes , then disable it between nodes, and refer to note 942166.1 or note 969254.1
to proceed further.


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